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Are you interested in the theatre? Fancy a trip to London's West End but not sure what to see? Can I recommend the theatre blog, Theatre Focus? In the interests of full disclosure I have to confess that this is my cousin Abby's website and I am filled with envy (and not a little pride) at her confident approach and accomplished writing in all things theatrical.

Abby offers an open mind and a critical eye, with a clear passion and understanding of the theatre, from the play itself and the way the actors interpret their roles to wider issues of staging such as set design and lighting.

Abby Briggs - author!
Abby's skill is helping you decide whether you want to go and see the plays that she has reviewed; whether it is worth the trip or even the cost. She takes a fair and balanced approach, with no hidden agendas.

She informs, educates and entertains. She is a great communicator (both online and in real life) and has a definite ability to write, engaging her readers with her enormous enthusiasm for the theatre. She has the ability to bring a production to life to the extent that it might actually just force me to venture out of the kitchen and down the West End!

Abby writes mainly from London, as well as her home town of Nottingham, with occasional road trips to some of our regional theatres such as Oxford and Leicester. Expect to see her reporting from the Edinburgh Festival in the summer and I wouldn't be surprised if she reports from Broadway some time soon!

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Abigail Briggs said...

Thank you so much for this wonderful blog/plug! You've written some lovely things. I only hope I can continue to write in this fashion on my blog!