mincemeat crumble traybake

mincemeat crumble traybake
I was a bit late last year in making my own mincemeat, so Christmas came and went before mine was really ready to eat and by then I was rather "mince pied-out". Several weeks later, I decided to have a go at making this traybake, essentially a shortbread biscuit base, topped with mincemeat and a scattering of crumble mix. What is not to like?

o frabjous day! calloo! callay!

She chortled in her joy . . . *

What, you may reasonably ask, am I on about? Quite simply I have managed to upload some digital photographs from my camera to my computer. Not in itself something that should be difficult but I was, as usual, flying a little blind.

leek and butterbean soup

spring leeks
A versatile recipe, one that can be used in several ways, is a thing of beauty and this soup recipe is one of the fairest of them all. While butter beans may not sound very promising, it is their bland mushiness that makes a perfect base for a soup that zings with flavour, even in the middle of winter. 

This soup is full of flavour; the tartness of the lemon and vinegar or verjuice makes it quite refreshing too. If you use all the green bits from the leek, this soup is the most tantalising lemony green colour. Really rather beautiful.