it's all gone a bit jackson pollock! (or when food photography goes wrong . . .)

our Jackson Pollock moment!
It was going so well - Heathcliffe's birthday drinks party, food prepped and we moved the nibbles to the balcony to catch the late afternoon summer sun. I wanted to take some photographs for this blog.

It all went a bit Pete Tong as they say.

Fortunately there was enough left for everyone to have their fill.

In my defence, I can only assume that Heathcliffe and I were sharing a Jackson Pollock moment.

I think alcohol may have been involved!


  1. Ach shame ! Makes for a great photo, though. :-))

  2. oops!... but a perfect oops!

  3. I'm a great believer in celebrating my failures as much as my successes. I have to say this was the first time though that I truly understood the expression "the silence was deafening"!


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