sweets for your sweet, sugar for your honey: valentine shortbread hearts!

Valentine shortbread hearts:
clementine and dark chocolate

Sweets for my sweet,
Sugar for my honey,
Your first sweet kiss thrilled me so.

Sweets for my sweet,
Sugar for my honey,
I'll never ever let you go.

(Doc Pomus and
Mort Shuman - 1961)

I am not sure whether it is worse to be single on Valentine's Day, or whether it is actually worse to be in a relationship, what with the neon-pink commercialisation that has vanquished all of the dewy-eyed innocence of earlier centuries. But hey ho, it's the thought that counts and this heart-shaped sweet treat works beautifully as a delicious gesture of love, whichever day it is.

I decided to make my clementine and dark chocolate shortbread biscuits as hearts rather than as stars. The original stars were bite-sized; definitely on the small side (about 4 to 5 centimetres in diameter). These shortbread hearts were much bigger (about double the size). This meant that you got much more of a kick from the bitter-sweet flavour of dark chocolate and orange. A bit like love really . . .


o cozinheiro este algarve said...


Marmaduke Scarlet said...

The photograph rather than my Eyeore-like approach to romance!

Stacy said...

You make me smile: more of a kick from the bittersweet flavor... A bit like love really. :)

I've been reading along since the first time I found you in one of Dom's Random Recipe Challenges. And your posts always brighten my day.