clementine and dark chocolate chip shortbread stars

Clementine and Dark Chocolate Chip
Shortbread Stars
Shortbread is one of my favourite sweet indulgences. But I usually like it plain and think that shortbread really shouldn't be mucked about with. But recently a friend baked some chocolate chip shortbread biscuits and they were rather nice indeed. I am prepared to admit that I was wrong; I have seen the light! 

Since the theme of this month's Tea Time Treats January challenge, which is hosted by Karen at Lavender and Lovage and Kate at What Kate Baked, is to use citrus, I thought I'd make some shortbread stars that included both orange flavours as well as dark chocolate chips.

I used my favourite shortbread recipe and included the zest of two clementines as well as 100 grammes of dark chocolate, finely chopped. The chocolate really does need to be in small pieces; otherwise it is hard to mix into the biscuit dough.

My shortbread stars were topped while still warm with a sprinkling of clementine dust - a mixture of Demerara sugar that had been whizzed up with the zest of two more clementines.

The biscuits were subtly flavoured with orange with the extra hit of slightly bitter dark chocolate. (We are not talking Terry's Chocolate Orange here!)

Now all I've got to do is think of something to do with the juice of four bald clementines. I feel a cocktail coming on!


o cozinheiro este algarve said...

Love shortbread but need to be convinced about meddling with it.Having said that I have just been experimenting with a cheese shortbread - watch that space.A clementine tart with apple and almonds might rectify your tonsured nectarines otherwise why not juice them and strain the juice.Clementine juice in pomegaranate jelly is so delicious.Nigel has agood recipe.

Marmaduke Scarlet said...

I totally agree - I made some lavender shortbreads last summer. They looked so pretty and tasted . . . of furniture polish!

I have my eye on Yotam Ottolenghi's clementine and almond syrup cake in Jerusalem - but then a chocolate orange spice cake might be good. I love the sound of your tart though . . . or to keep things simple, how about an apple and almond crumble with clementine?

Livs said...

These lok gorgeous. I made shortbread this week and have not stopped eating them. It is just too moreish. I doubt there'll be any left for tomorrow. I will definitely have to try these. Maybe blood orange & chocolate would be good too...mmmmm

Marmaduke Scarlet said...

Blood Orange would be gorgeous! I've also realised that I probably made these biscuits a little on the small side - I made a couple that were much larger and you really got the benefit of the chocolate chips!

Karen S Booth said...

Finally after the comments debacle, I can catch up on all of the Tea Time Treats entries and this one is a stunner Rachel! I LOVE using clementines on cakes and bakes, as well as soup too, as it happens. These wee stars are so pretty and they look so buttery and short too! Thanks for your lovely entry. Karen

Ahmedabad said...

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