Observer Food Monthly Awards 2012: vote early and vote often (just kidding!)

Observer Food Monthly
Awards 2012
But seriously, it's that time of the year again; the voting for Observer Food Monthly Awards 2012 is now open and if you vote, you could win a Caribbean holiday!

For those of you who don't know, The Observer (and its sister paper, The Guardian) host both the exemplary Word of Mouth food blog as well as the Food Monthly magazine, which celebrates what is great about British produce, food and the food scene; both genuinely innovative and interesting contributors to the British food scene. Of course my absolute favourite food writer in the whole world also writes for them (if you couldn't tell who it is . . . it is of course, the divine Nigel Slater).

For the third year, there is The Best Food Blogger category (UK-based). They are looking for "the most knowledgeable, wittiest and most informative online foodie". And I would like to think (deluded though I might be) that I fit at least one of the criteria! Although if they had a category for accidental arsonist, or blogger who has a touch of the King Alfred about her (no, not some weird fetish - this girl burns cakes for England!) I think I would be a shoe-in!

But yes you can vote for me! No . . . really . . . you can . . . I am inviting you to vote for my food blog at the Observer Food Monthly Awards. I'm probably being a bit vain, but if I don't make a song and dance about it, no-one else will. Having said that, there is a more serious intent behind my desire for attention and it's not just "kid-at-back-of-classroom-waving-arms-frantically-and-bouncing-about" syndrome . . . although there may be a little bit of that.

Some of you may be aware that I have finally discovered and decided what it is that I would like to do when I grow up . . . and while I intend to grow old disgracefully (and I certainly wear enough purple already) I would like to immerse myself in the world of food, every which way I can. Being nominated would give me the confidence (and I good kick in the proverbials) to get out there and start pitching for work. Although strangely I have never had much problem pitching for work over a few glasses of wine or beer down the pub! Funny that!

What's in it for you?
Well you could make me very, very happy. Which I am sure is reward enough. This blog was always intended as a way of keeping track of what I was cooking and lall the things I am learning, as well as sharing some useful tips and knowledge. But Marmaduke Scarlet has been a very good way of forcing me out of prevarication and getting into the discipline of writing on a regular basis. I wasn't even sure whether anyone would want to read the blog. Well you did . . . and then some. Readership has gone up by a staggering 3000% in the last year, which is mind boggling. Admittedly I had a very low starting point.

So if that isn't enough, Observer Food Monthly are also offering all sorts of delicious prizes to those that vote.Vote and you will be entered into a free prize draw. There are some fantastic prizes to be won including:

To find out about the prizes, click here. They include:
  • A top prize of a luxury trip for two to the Cuisine Resort & Spa in Anguilla
  • Dinner for 2 at Michelin starred The Pass and 2 nights B&B at South Lodge, a magnificent five-star country house hotel in Horsham, West Sussex
  • A gourmet break for 2 at the 18th-century Ch√Ęteau de Berne in Provence.
  • A luxury break at Mark Sargeant’s restaurant, Rocksalt, in Folkestone
  • Sushi masterclass at Ichi Sushi with chef Sadayuki Okamoto
  • A choice of 2 products from Cuisinart
  • Donald Russell taster box of quality meats
  • Luxury picnic for 4 from Forman & Field
  • Cookery lesson at Le Cafe Anglais with Rowley Leigh
  • A case of Nyetimber sparkling English wine
  • Harvey Jones chopping board
  • A year's supply of Luscombe Drinks

The winners of the following categories will be chosen by readers – vote and you could win one of the fabulous prizes.
  • Best restaurant(over £20 per head)
  • Best cheap eats (under £15 per head)
  • Best Sunday lunch
  • Best ethical restaurant
  • Best place to drink
  • Best cookbook (published between 1 June 2011 and 31 May 2012.
  • Best independent local retailer (shop or online)
  • Best food blog (UK based) Vote for the online foodie who's become a must-read, either for their writing or recipes. The winner will be chosen from a shortlist by OFM's judging panel.
  • Best food personality - TV chef, cookbook author or campaigner – which high-profile foodie gets your vote?
  • Best reader's recipe - send in your own unique creation for Food Heaven
  • Best reader's cocktail - send in your own unique creation for the perfect cocktail
You can vote here using the online voting form 

Meet the judges . . .
The judging panel is a bit fab!
Sat Bains, Thomas Blythe, Jared Brown, Gizzi Erskine, Angela Hartnett, Shaun Hill, Simon Hulstone, Tom Kitchin, Jay Rayner, Simon Rogan, Lucy Siegle, Nigel Slater, Lotte Duncan, Allan Jenkins, Gareth Grundy.

So if you could vote for me, I would be very grateful.The best food blog is . . . (naturally) . . . and remember, I gave you the best ever brownie recipe - that's me, Rachel Kelly - she's all heart you know!

What else?
  • You need a UK address.
  • Voting closes at midnight on 29 June 2012.
  • Judging will take place in July 2012.

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Maggie said...

Moi doesn't fit into any of those said categories:(

Good luck and I hope you get some votes - pleased that your stats have gone up so much too.