o frabjous day! calloo! callay!

She chortled in her joy . . . *

What, you may reasonably ask, am I on about? Quite simply I have managed to upload some digital photographs from my camera to my computer. Not in itself something that should be difficult but I was, as usual, flying a little blind.

I received a new camera for Christmas. Something quite basic, nothing too complicated. I have always been a sort of point-and-click, fingers-crossed kind of photographer. I usually had a strong idea of what my photographs would look like, but was mostly destined for disappointment. Largely because I know nothing about photography (something of a failing you may agree). Any good pictures I have managed to take over the years have largely been through sheer luck. So most of the photographs on this blog, until now have been taken by me using my trusty (although a little elderly) phone, or have been taken by some very accommodating friends!

Well, that was, I thought, until Christmas. I had my new camera and a month later, I sit with a copy of "Photography for Dummies" in one hand and "Digital Photography for Dummies" in the other. All my toes are crossed and I am precariously balanced somewhere between a wing and a prayer, ready to translate some recently acquired knowledge into tasty food pictures. That was the plan anyway.

Sadly, for something in the region of two weeks, I have been battling with online customer support, the original reseller, internet forums and calls to all that is holy to try and get some technical glitches ironed out. I have a camera, I have a computer and I have photographs. But getting the photos from point A to point B became something of a hurdle. Actually not so much a hurdle, which sounds like something surmountable, more like the Berlin Wall (and I am not waiting 30 years for it to crumble).

I had taken to walking around muttering under my breath and was feeling dangerously in need of some kind of Asylum, where people like me, who are not actually completely technically illiterate, but who have been continuously stymied at every turn by both people and machines, might seek sanctuary; to cool our aching heads and gain a sense of perspective perhaps.

But finally, (the calloo callay chortling bit . . . nothing like a good bit of chortling I think) I have managed to crack what ever Byzantine problems were holding me back. Not quite sure how I did it. I mean for all I know, the sun went behind a cloud and normal service was resumed.

So now, all I have to do is really learn to take some pictures, on a more regular basis rather than praying to the gods and making sure I am sleeping with an apple peel under my pillow to ensure success. Well maybe not the praying, but I might just keep the apple for good luck . . .

* With thanks to Lewis Carroll for the mangling of "Jabberwocky" . . . I just hope he isn't turning in his grave!


Dom at Belleau Kitchen said...

and the photography is so important for this kind of blog... it says so much... it is actually very simple, so if you need a helping hand with anything just give us an email and i'd be glad to help dom@thepersuadersltd.co.uk x

Liz said...

Well done, well done you!!
I just read this BBC article on food photography - here it is


Keep at it..

Marmaduke Scarlet said...

Guys, I just wanted to say thanks for the encouragement. It is very much appreciated!

At the moment I am practicing a lot, using natural daylight and garden furniture . . . and hoping that nothing cools down to quickly!

Dom, I will definitely take you up on the offer. I am compiling a list of questions :)

Liz, great article. Many thanks! There was also a Radio 4 Food Programme episode on food photography about 6 months ago, which may be worth checking out.

So wish me luck!